Aloy will happen again - some day

I'm just gonna start this off by saying; I am not a writer. I am by no means amazing at expressing things I wanna say, especially not in written form. So do not expect high class written pieces from me, because they will never come. xp

I have told myself that I would make another Aloy costume since 2016. I created my first back in 2015, having been driven by an immense hype. She's that one character that just feels right. That one costume you can never seem to let go. That one costume that starts to fall apart because you've worn it too many times. I've told myself time and time again that soon, soon I'll be Aloy again.

I started working on the banuk armor back in November 2017 (2 years after I finished the Nora brave outfit), I actually managed to make quite a bit of progress on her. I had also just started getting into 3D printing and thought this would be the perfect costume to challenge myself in that area. And boy did it challenge me. I had such a good start, but I soon hit limitations to what I could model in Fushion 360. I had also taken a huge break from working on the blue flaps and was scared of going back knowing I couldn't remember how I initially created them. Just everything frightened me, and I think the main reason for that is that I wanted to do this second Aloy justice. To a whole new level. I had learned a lot since last time, and I wanted to prove that I could do better. Fast forward to around November 2018 (It's always November isn't it?) I decided that I would give up the Banuk for now, knowing I could potentially go back one day when I felt comfortable again. My hype for Aloy suddenly came back too, and after some hard thinking I decided on trying my hand on the Shield Weaver armor instead.

I will say, I have absolutely made a lot of progress in terms of modelling the armor parts the last months. I have learned so much more about Fushion 360 since 2017, and I would probably be able to make the pieces I struggled so much with back then, If I'd sat down today.

Nonetheless, the progress is still extremely slow compared to what I would like it to be, which has always been a huge problem for me.

I can be so hyped for something for a week, and then suddenly something different, something more shiny comes along and my focus shifts with a blink of an eye. It's frustrating to have this for sure, but I do try to work through it as best as I can. For now, I'll try to continue to do a tiny bit of work here and there every few weeks, and before we know it, she's suddenly ready to see the day.

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