Created in 2018

Staff belonging to Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft. This staff was a very interesting build. I wanted to make it as true to the source material as I could. I created all the 3D printed parts in Fushion 360. The staff itself is a broomstick handle. The gem itself was supposed to lit up, but unfortunately the Z-glass material didn't quite work as expected as I don' think it had been optimized for the Zortrax as much as it should have. It also behaved differently and wouldn't glue together. This is why I ended up just printing everything in Z-ultrat. All parts where connected with small 3mm steel rods to support the piece, and a combination of support material and aceton (a very nice glue to connect 3d prints)
Sanded, sprayed with filler primer, primer, black paint, gold paint, and aibrushed.

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